Why Invest with PLF, MIP. Monthly Investment Plan, Diversified portfolio
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Net Asset Value per share: MUR 44.16 on 20 June 2024
Why Invest with PLF

Why Invest with PLF Ltd?

Professionally Managed - The PLF team comprises of highly motivated professionals with post-graduate/professional qualifications and significant experience in the financial services sector.


Total Expense Ratio (TER) - The TER gives an indication of expenses incurred in running the fund. The TER is calculated in line with international standards and covers professional fees, administration costs, distribution fees and other operating expenses. The TER stood at 1.50% for the year ended 30 June 2022.
Entry/Exit Fee - There are no entry fees when investing with PLF. However an exit fee of 1% is charged subject to a one month holding period.

Diversified & Balanced Portfolio - The Fund holds a balanced portfolio covering four main asset classes: Locally Listed Equities, Unquoted Shares, Foreign Investments and Fixed Income Securities & Others.

Largest Mutual Fund in Mauritius - PLF is the largest mutual fund in Mauritius in terms of fund size which is around MUR 1.82 Bn (as at 30 June 2022).

Invest with a minimum of Rs 500 - The Fund has an investment scheme through the Monthly Investment Plan (MIP) which enables an individual to invest with a minimum amount of Rs 500 on a monthly basis. A lump sum investment or one-off investment scheme is also available.