Monthly Investment Plan
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Monthly Investment Plan


What is the Monthly Investment Plan (MIP)?
The Monthly Investment Plan is brought to you by Port Louis Fund Ltd. It enables you to invest in the Fund on a monthly basis with a minimum amount of Rs 500.

How do I subscribe to the Scheme?
The investor fills in a MIP Application and a Bank standing order forms (attached). These should be deposited at the Registry along with copy of ID and a copy of your recent utility bill (less than 3 months old).

Are there any additional costs?
There is no additional cost involved. The monthly bank transfer fee is paid by the Company. A list of eligible banks is at section 6 of the Terms and Conditions of the MIP.

Why should I choose Port Louis Fund Ltd MIP Scheme?
Port Louis Fund holds a diversified portfolio of locally listed shares, foreign equities and fixed income instruments.

How will shares be allocated to me?
The monthly subscription money will be used to buy shares of Port Louis Fund Ltd at the end of the month. This buying pattern will result in an average buying price paid over the period of investment.

How do I benefit?
Regular small investment made over a long period of time will result in a big amount. Dividend is also payable at the end of each financial year.

Why should I invest in Funds rather than fixed income and savings?
Historical analysis has shown that investment in shares has outperformed other asset classes, like savings and fixed income securities, over the long term.

Why the Monthly Investment Plan?
The MIP can be used to meet long term plan such as education, housing and retirement plan. The investment horizon should be the long term. The MIP is the ideal investment vehicle to participate in the portfolio of Port Louis Fund Ltd, which exceeds Rs 1.0 bn.

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Disclaimer: Please note that investment involves risks. The value of your inital investment may decrease according to market performance. Past performance is not an indicative of future returns. You are requested to seek professional advice before investing.