One Off Investment
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Net Asset Value per share: MUR 43.88 on 19 July 2024
One Off Investment

One Off Investment

Investors may, on any business day, purchase new shares through a Purchase/Redemption form in the PLF by writing to or calling in person at the Share Registry. The price will be based on the valuation immediately preceding the day on which the application is received by the Fund. The price is based on the Net Asset Value of the Fund. There is no service charge except for 1% of exit fee which is charged if the shares are disposed within one month of purchase. Payment in cash up to Rs 50,000 may be accepted. Otherwise payment may be made by cheque or bank transfer. Shares will be alloted only where full payment is received. For payment made by cheques, shares will be alloted when the cheques are cleared.

A shareholder may redeem his shares by sending a Redemption Form to the Share Registry, together with his relative share certificate(s). The redemption price is based on the valuation (NAV) immediately before the Redemption Form is received. The payment period for the redemption shall be as follows: within 10 days for number of shares up to 50,000 units and within 30 days for number of shares above 50,000 units. All payments will be made by cheques.

Large Redemption
Where the Fund receives requests for the repayment of shares representing more than five per cent (5%) of the total Fund on the Request Date, the Company acting on recommendation of the Manager reserves the right to repurchase the shares at the Repayment Price determined by a successful sale of the requisite assets. In such cases, the same price shall apply for all shares transacted on that day. In selling the requisite assets, the Manager shall give due consideration to the interests of the shareholders as a whole.

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Disclaimer: Please note that investment involves risks. The value of your inital investment may decrease according to market performance. Past performance is not an indicative of future returns. You are requested to seek professional advice before investing.